Assault Rifles and Pedophiles
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Assault Rifles and Pedophiles

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Brian Krans strikes again with his 3rd Novel "Assault Rifles and Pedophiles"

Like my other books, AR&P skips along the boundary separating fact from fiction, hoping to tell a story so believable it must be untrue. It is my cathartic release from working too many years pushing carts and not enough writing for newspapers. It's the book idea I've been toying with for years, and I had a hell of a fun time writing it.

One of my journalism mentors, Prof. John Vivian at Winona State University, had this to say after reading a copy of the manuscript:

“A cops and courts reporter unwittingly discovers a new beat: celebrity suicide. And amid his scoops lies a troubling dark side that novelist Brian Krans explores in Assault Rifles & Pedophiles. Inside a masterfully developed plot with more unexpected twists than a Quentin Tarantino movie, madness everywhere in a world verging on apocalypse, the question becomes what any individual can do anything about it. In the midst of the chaos of it all, Krans’ central characters, the reporter and his celebrity lover, find a way.”

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