Blade-In Zine - Free Shippig
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Blade-In Zine - Free Shippig

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Limited to the first 50 orders, the printing of the third and final edition of 000 ISSUE will commence upon meeting the 50 copy quota. Preorder now for your FINAL CHANCE to own a copy of BLADE‑IN ZINE’s premiere issue!

Your support and enthusiasm for BLADE‑IN ZINE will be thoroughly appreciated for all proceeds contribute to the funding of the next issue - facilitating growth and expansion for the Zine and the overall BLADE‑IN project.

Please be mindful of the waiting time which is estimated to be 3 weeks upon the placement of the order. Waiting time will account for the numerous steps in the production process : printing; assemblage and shipping.



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BLADE‑IN ZINE unites the talents of some of the finest creatives the rollerblading world has to offer. With a focus on celebrating individuality, creativity, and cultural diversity, BLADE‑IN ZINE aims to document the lives of those cultural producers and their efforts on and off the blades. Compounded into a print publication, the ZINE acts as a vehicle for those interested in maintaining the preservation and legacy of physical media in the blading realm.

000 ISSUE includes a featurette on Gav Drumm, as well as featuring the photographic talents of Adam Kola, Dominik Wagner, Simon Isles, Erick Garcia, Felix Strosetzski and Jarrod Thackeray. 000 ISSUE also presents artwork by Anthony Zinonos, Sam Currie, BLADERBLOOD, and two literary works by Harry Abel.

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