Go Project  72mm Wheels with FREE SHIPPING
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Go Project 72mm Wheels with FREE SHIPPING

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At Go Project we understand the criteria required to make a high-performance blading wheel:

Quality – The main component responsible for the grip, durability and rebound is the outer ‘tyre’. Our urethane compound has been formulated with the highest understanding of wheel chemistry

Precision – The hub of the wheel is manufactured with incredible precision so that your bearings, spacers and wheels work together with maximum efficiency. Use with Go Project bearings and spacers for the most energy efficient roll.

Bond – The smallest disconnection between the hub and the tyre can greatly affect the wheel’s performance. Our urethane is designed to hug our hub tight and never let go.


We don’t list a durometer (hardness) because there are too many variations between different wheel manufacturers and compounds to make this relevant as a universal measurement. The wheel is softer than an aggressive wheel and harder than a normal recreational wheel. Combined with the small core this gives a fast ride with plenty of rebound.

-Also available in 76mm and 80mm.
-Sold in sets of 4

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