Go Project Anti Rocker with Bearings - Shipping Included
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Go Project Anti Rocker with Bearings - Shipping Included

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The Go Project 48.5mm grind wheels for anti-rocker set-ups have landed. The wheels have been created as a cost effective and high performance product for a classic, grind friendly wheel set-up.

We took into consideration the following points while making the wheel:

The main quality a grind wheel has to have is maximum hardness. The Go Project grind wheels are made with a pouring process (instead of the usual injection moulding). They are then baked / reaction bonded and trimmed to create the hardest, slipperiest possible urethane compound, as hard as plastic but with the durability advantages of urethane. This process naturally creates a slightly varying colour pigmentation on each wheel, so while the finish is a little smokey they ARE the best performing material.

With a trend towards the use of larger wheels in aggressive skating (and therefore frames with wheels sunk deeper) it makes sense to make a slightly larger grind wheel so that it can account for the deficit, giving you your perfect groove shape and lock-on. We felt that 48.5mm was the perfect marriage for ‘mid-sized’ anti-rocker set ups, frames with deep bolts or simply any skater who prefers a more secure groove-trick.

Having grind wheels which take bearings is preferable to grind wheels without because there is less rattle and they spin better. It’s useful for your grind wheels to spin at least a little, both while on the grind and while deflecting obstacles away from your frames (but you won’t need high grade bearings which are designed to handle many revolutions per second). As everyone knows, inserting your bearings into grind wheels can be a difficult and frustrating process. To save you an ordeal, the wheels come as standard with Go Project Classic bearings pre-inserted (you’re welcome). We also added spacers between the bearings, because, contrary to popular belief, you still may as well have spacers in grind wheels if you want to give them the best chance of spinning.

Sold in Sets of 4.


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