Oysi Radial Ball Bearings - FREE SHIPPING
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Oysi Radial Ball Bearings - FREE SHIPPING

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Oysi Radial Ball Bearings (8x)

  • 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable Packaging
  • Biodegradable, Plant Derived, Extreme Pressure Lubricant ( non-petroleum based )
  • Each Container includes:
    • ( 8x ) 608 Bearing:
      • 5μm Precision ( Abec 7 Equivalent )
      • Single Shield (Purple)
      • Alloy Steel Components (HRC 60 minimum)
      • Nylon Retainer
    • ( 4x ) 8mm Steel Bearing Spacers
  • Packaged and Prepared by Oysi in Los Angeles, CA
  • Use of these bearings is recommended as follows: Simply wipe the dust and grime off the outside of the bearings and keep using them. The bearings are also easily serviceable. Prior to removing from the wheel for service be sure to wipe the outside clean. The extreme pressure additive will create a bond with both the metal and plastic sliding surfaces and continue to work beyond the life of the grease itself. The lubricant is compatible with any other type of grease you may want to use to refresh your bearings.
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