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Kickstarted by Oak City Inline Skate Shop, among many, this DVD is best described in the words of the famous and talented Chris Dafick in his request for funding via Kickstarter at

"6 Americans and 2 Spaniards head out on a journey of a life time. 8 amigos gettin wild round the USA!

One year ago I set out on one hell of a journey. A three month skating trip starting in Barcelona, and leading me all throughout Spain and other parts of Europe. It was the most epic 3 months of my life. I met some of the raddest people in the world who took me in as one of there own and showed me things no tourist would ever see or do. A journey of a lifetime.  

Now it is time to return the favor. This summer my good friends Marc Moreno, and Adriaa "Mineroh" Saa are coming to the states from Spain. We are heading out on a 3 month long excursion through the states in search of the gnarliest of skate spots, good times, and whatever else comes our way.

We will document our whole journey, start to finish, and release it as a documentary/ tour video just in time for the holiday season. The whole concept and goal of creating this video is to showcase and document the Tour Life and locations that we will travel too, and well as display all of the skaters talent on our journey. 

This is why we will have to options to view in the tour video. One option where you can watch individual sections of your favorite skaters and the tricks they performed on the tour. And the other option you can choose is the tour video documentary. There will be an in depth tour of everything in between the actualy skating of the trip. The things we do in between skating, the trouble we run into, scenary a long the way, and all sorts of other shananigans. We want give the viewer the feeling and inspiration of being on tour with your best buds, skating as hard as you possibly can and making the best out of whatever situations come our way. 

The whole trip will cost us well over $10,000, and I need a little help with funding certain things along the way such as plane tickets, transportation,  gas money, food, beer, the whole 9 yards. The funds that I am raising here will go directly towards our travels."

The tour will consist of 
Adria Saa (Spain)
Marc Moreno (Spain)
Miguel Ramos (Puerto Rico)
Seba Seufferheld (Argentina)
John Bolino (America)
Erik Stokley (America)
Matty Schrock (America)
Chris Dafick (America)
Brian Bina (America)
Steve Gasstation, Shredweiser's furry star companion

Lots of old and new friends along the way

And 1 surprise guests that will not be released until closer to the tour.

"This video above is a little something Marc Moreno created from his trip to the states 2 years ago, mixed together with footage from our travels through out Spain. Just a taste of what this summer will bring!

This video above show cases the skating that we put in on my trip through Spain. I have all the best intentions on making this film twice as heavy as this online video.  Help me show my brothers the American dream. A journey of epic proportions.... 

The Balas Perdidas Americana Tour Summer 2013

We also want to try something new with this video. Every person that backs the video has the option of sending us footage for the video. The footage that we receive will be pieced together for a "Backers Montage" that will be included in the bonus of the video. We appreciate the supporters of the industry and want to show you guys that by including you in the video itself."

Challenges (and Risks)

"There are going to many obstacles and challenges along our journey. Anything from car problems, skating injuries, filming equipment malfunctions, and even just worrying about a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs. All of these things are part of the journey and we have no intentions of thing like these slowing us down. On top of all the challenges we face along the tour itself. We also have to conquer the editing of the video itself. This is a whole other obstacle itself. But with the experience with editing between Marc Moreno and my self is enough to get our goals achieved and accomplished without any worries.

This trip is not an idea. It is a mission and it will get completed."

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