SQUAD DVD and Download - Free Shipping
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SQUAD DVD and Download - Free Shipping

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SQUAD is the Oak City Inline Skate Shop series featuring our representatives all over the United States.

The first installment features: Blake Hyatt, Jon Cooley and Montre Livingston accompanied by close friends from the North Carolina area.

  • 22 minute runtime
  • Skating from this year's sessions
  • Oak City Fall Woodward Trip
  • DVD comes with download
  • Download only also available (Link emailed usually within an hour but up to 8)

SQUAD Trailer from Long Ton That on Vimeo.


Our main focus is to use all proceeds to fund a new adventure with as many of our riders as we can involve.


Filmed and Edited by Long Ton That

Camera 2: Matt Lyon and Mitch Hoff

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