The Black Jack Project Bearings (All Models) with Free Shipping
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The Black Jack Project Bearings (All Models) with Free Shipping

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The Black Jack Project provides unique designs and rad gear!
All the way from Berlin, we have the new TBJP Bearings:

Check out each model! 

ABEC 7 - For the True Street skaters.
The Streets can be tough and cause a quick death to your bearings.
Our Abec 7 bearings are built to withstand the tough life on the streets 
and if they should give up on you they are cheap to replace. Also a 
great solution to skate your flat setup on a small budget.
With our Abec 7 bearings we keep blading affordable so you can BLADE 

ABEC 9 bearings
More precise, more speed, more fun. You skate park and street alike 
these are for you! You like to skate fast, don’t let crappy bearings 
stop you. For a just little extra money you get our maximum Abec graded 

PRECISION bearings
Our premium bearings. For the smoothest rolling experience. For that 
feeling of floating through the skatepark. Patrick skates these in our 
Bearing Promo. Great for street skating and perfect for for park 
skating. Rip your local bowl apart!


-Rubber Shield
-Free Shipping 

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